The FMD1616-10 PLC packs an amazing amount of PLC hardware into a low cost, small foot-print circuit board. The flexibility of being an open board design, combined with the Ladder+BASIC programming software lets users quickly finish complex programming projects in much shorter time than traditional ladder-only PLCs or single board computers (which often require C language expertise and are not field-programmable).

With the inclusion of an onboard Ethernet port that can connect to other devices or web servers for control or data up/down-loading, 32 multi-functions digital I/Os and 10 analog I/Os (12-bit), the FMD1616-10 is a popular choice with system integrators for one-off projects as well as OEM equipment makers that employ hundreds or thousands of this great little PLC. (Please scroll for details)

Built into the FMD1616-10 PLC are 16 digital inputs (includes 2 high speed encoders and 4 interrupts), 16 digital outputs (supports 4 PWM channels and 2 stepper motor pulse/direction controls), 8 analog inputs (0-5V, 12-bit) and 2 analog outputs (0-5V or 0-10V, 12-bit). Digital I/O capacity can be expanded to 128 digital inputs and 128 digital outputs using Triangle Research expansion boards EXP1616R, EXP2424, or EXP4040. Analog I/O expansion modules which connect to the FMD1616-10's RS485 port are also readily available.

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  • Programmable over serial, LAN, or the Internet
  • Push data to a server
  • Act as a Modbus TCP/serial master or remote unit
  • Built-in Webserver for web-app control
  • Upload files to an FTP server


  • NPN Outputs can sink 2A
  • Supports multiple stepper control and PWM signals
  • Measure and count pulses simultaneously
  • 8 x 0-5V AI and 2 x 0-5V/0-10V selectable AO
  • Expandable digital I/O

Advanced Features

  • High-speed, unlimited write retentive memory
  • Real-time clock for event storage (battery-backup option available)
  • Software and hardware interrupts for complex control
  • PID loops for control systems applications
  • Simple yet powerful ladder logic and TBASIC structured text programming






DI16NPN / 12-24V DC
DO16NPN / 12-24V DC
8 x 4A peak, 2A continuous
8 x 1A peak, 0.25A continuous
AI8Single Ended 0-5V / 12 bit
AO2Single Ended 0-5V or 0-10V software selectable / 12 bit
Expandable to 4 channels (0-5V only) with FRAM-RTC-256 or I2C-FRTC
PWM412-24VDC / 50Hz to 20KHz / 0-100% / 2A continuous
Stepper Motor Controller3Shared with DO / pulse and direction / 10K pps
Pulse Counter2Shared with DI / Quadrature or single phase / 10KHz
Pulse Measurement6Shared with DI / Measure frequency, period, pulse width / 10KHz
Expansion Port 1Expandable to 120 DI and 120 DO using EXP4040, EXP2424 and EXP1616R


Board Supply112V-24V DC

Non-volatile Memory (standard)

Program 8K8K words program memory standard
Data 1K1K words FLASH built in for occassional backup (100K writes)

Non-volatile Memory (with FRAM)

Program 16K16K words program memory with FRAM-RTC-0/256 upgrade
Data 11K11K words FRAM memory with FRAM-RTC-0/256 upgrade


Standard1Real Time Clock and Calendar (Year, Day, Month, Hours, Min, Sec, day-of-week) - no battery backup
With optional FRAM-RTC-0/2561Adds battery backup


All COM ports support software programming, monitoring, and control

Ethernet1 10/100 Mbps LAN port
RS2321DB9 female connection with Modbus RTU protocol support
RS4851two-wire connection with Modbus RTU protocol support


  • Modbus TCP (client and server)
  • FServer (native programming/monitoring/data)
  • FTP (client and server)
  • Webserver (HTML and JavaScript)
  • HTTP
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • Native Hostlink (programming/monitoring/data)
  • Generic ASCII (programmable)


LCD114 pin LCD port (supports LCD420, LCD216, and MDHMI)


Languagei-TRiLOGI I Version 6.xx (Ladder+Basic)
PC / OSWindows XP, 7, 8, 10


Dimensions5.43"(L) x 4.45"(W) x 0.8"(H)
137.9mm (L) x 113.2mm (W) x 25.4mm (H)
Weight 5.9 oz (165 grams)
WiringPluggable Screw Terminals


Operating Temperature -20 to +85 deg C
(-4 to +185 deg F)
Operating Humidity10% to 90% Rel. Humidity, non condensing
Vibration ResistanceIEC 68-2-6/1980 Vibration 1.6mm
  • 25Hz to 100Hz
  • Amplitude = +1
  • Acceleration = + 4.0g
Electrical Noise ResistanceIEC801-4 (Fast transient)
  • 2KV to power supply
  • 50 microsecond pulse width
  • 1 min. 1KV to I/O by capacitive coupling
  • 0 microsecond pulse width

Document Name

Document Type


FMD1616-10 User's ManualManual
FMD1616-10 Data SheetDatasheet
FMD PLC Extended File SystemGuide
Upgrading From T100MD1616+ to FMD1616-10Guide





I/O Expansion

Expansion Card with 32 Digital I/Os
Expansion Card with 48 Digital I/Os
Expansion Card with 80 Digital I/Os
Analog I/O Expansion Modules

Wiring Adapters

Analog Terminal Interface Board
4-20mA Analog I/O Interface

Communication Adapters

RS232-to-RS485 Converter
USB to RS485 Serial Port Converter


DB9 Programming Cable
DB15 Analog Interface Cable

Memory and Battery Backup

Ferrogmagnetic RAM (11K words)
FRAM-RTC-0 + Batt.-backed RTC & 256kb Data File Storage


2 Lines x 16 Char. LCD Display
4 Lines x 20 Char. LCD Display
RS485 driven 4x20 LCD Display


MD-HMI: 16 Keys Keypad & 4x20 LCD Display
4.3" LCD Touch Panel
7" LCD Touch Panel
3.1" Graphic HMI with 18-Button Keypad


Din Rail Mounting Kit - Small
Din Rail Mounting Kit - Medium
Din Rail Mounting Kit - Large


Power Supply, 24VDC, 2.5A


TRi ladder+BASIC programming software
TRi ExcelLink Software