Although the single board format of most of our products offers OEMs the maximum flexibility of mounting them in the most suitable or cost effective ways in a control system, there are applications where it is more convenient to mount the products on the industry standard "DIN rail". The optional DIN rail mounting kits make it extremely simple to accomplish this. The product board is first mounted on the supplied aluminium plate or strips, and the entire assembly can then be easily clip on or removed from the DIN rail, as shown in the photos to the right.


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There are currently 3 DIN rail mounting Kits being offered which cover all existing PLCs, as follow:

DIN-KIT-1B   For Nano-10, E10-npn, and E10-Relay
DIN-KIT-2B   For all FMD, F-series, T100MD+ and H-series PLCs (except T40H)
  1/2 DIN-KIT-2B can be used for AN20MA-2 or AIO-TERM1
DIN-KIT-3B   For EZWire1616 and T40H-Relay
  1/3 DIN-KIT-3B can be used for AN20MA-2 or AIO-TERM1
DIN Rail Kits Installation Diagram (View PDF)
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