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Lorne Van Dusen, Garaventa Lift (Toronto, Canada)

"The FX series PLC as well as the SmartTile are a awesome product that are capable of doing just about anything someone can think of. The ladder logic is a little cumbersome if you have a lot of OR's and AND's and sometimes you have to delete some things in order to add some things then put back what you deleted. But it all works out in the end and you can make a very complicated ladder segment.

The TBasic is a awesome tool but could do with some better documentation and sample programs. However even if you do have issues with the TBasic just post the question in the forum and you will receive very professional help from either another member or from TriPLC themselves. There are a lot of System functions that you can use once you actually learn how they work. On another note I have used the Smart Tile PLC on various boards now that we designed our own I/O on and I must tell you it makes your product far superior to any standard off the shelf PLC and if you have enough volume you can produce the results at a much lower cost than any off the shelf PLC, plus you now have the I/O that you actually needed not the I/O arrangement that some major company chose to give you. Keep up the development on this wonderful product as well as the documentation. And definitely keep this forum up and running."

Shawn Wan, Farsighted Enterprise, Inc., (Moreno Valley, CA, USA)

"I just successfully read output states from two FX2424 in Visual C# via modbus TCP and I believe this is going to be a milestone and foundation for us to develop really complex controls over the production line. As to the motion interpolation part I believe we can use other CNC controller to communicate with C# and this is going to be really a good system! Your PLC has been running on most of our machines in the factory in the past two years without major issues and I would like to thank your company to provide such a great product and until now still provide supreme and prompt customer service like what I have experienced today. "
Source: Customer's Email. (October 2017).

Lorne Van Dusen, Garaventa Lift (Toronto, Canada)

P.S. I am becoming more amazed every month with the capabilities of the FX series PLC’s and especially on how you designed the Smart Tile that allows companies like us to build a custom I/O board. I will make sure that when I am in the meeting with the engineers from Switzerland that they would be far better off using this type of Microprocessor with the i-TRiLOGI software over anyone of the off the shelf microprocessors they are trying to use.
Source: Customer's Email. (Sep 2017).

Kevin Unruh, Heartland Mill, (Kensas, USA)

"I am really happy to use your products, I replace other automation plcs with yours for both simplicity and excellent function. I don't recall any problems with your products, failure has always traced back to a sensor failure or my mistake. I have one plc with an expansion board that cycles over a million times per year, still flawless after four years. If you feel to use this as a testimony piece, please do. It is the replaceable chip I's and O's that really impress me. "
Source: Customer's Email. (October 2015).

Mike Tiller, Saulsbury Industries (Texas, USA):

"... companies such as Triangle Research that have built a lot of functionality into legacy PLCs, enabling networking without a lot of programming skills,...”
Source: Control Design Magazine: Control Design Article Link

David Laurie, Dream Automation, (LA, USA):

"Thanks I really appreciate your help and fast response. You guys have always been great with customer service!"
Source: Customer's Email.

Derek Evans, Fidalgo Bay Coffee (WA, USA):

"I started with a vertical packager equipped with an auger filler and Omron controls with proprietary software. I built a 2 lane net weigh filler to replace the auger filler and control the whole works with an F1616-BA. ....
I installed the conversion over one weekend and had the machine back online for Mondays production. It's been running for nearly 2 years now with no problems. The operators really enjoy using it especially knowing how it used to be. I estimate that with the new filler and controls we save up to 10 minutes per batch in set up and operating efficiency.

I had no experience programming with PLCs before this project. The software is easy to use and simple yet not lacking in features and it's well supported."
Source: User application link

David Groff, Demand Controls, Inc. (

"I have been using the Nano and F-Series PLCs for over three years, and I have enjoyed working with them. For their size and price they are extremely powerful in their capabilities. As an integrator, I am constantly looking for companies and products that are reliable. TRi-PLC has been just that. Their customer service is better than most I have seen. I can always expect a detailed and quick response to my questions. Thanks guys for all your support and great products."
Source: Customer's Email.

J.J. Warriner, Blockwise Engineering (

The PLCs provide a simple, powerful platform that meets our control needs. The form factor is small given the fairly large amount of capability. The ability to program in TBasic is very helpful. I’m not a fan of ladder logic, so I structure most of my programs almost exclusively in TBasic. We’ve been able to perform fairly sophisticated control algorithms as a result. They are the most capable PLCs in their price range. They are much smaller than higher-priced PLCs with similar capabilities, making it much easier to accommodate in our machines. The support is the best I have received at any company for any product. The staff knows its product well and can converge quickly on solutions to problems.
Source: Page 41 Control Design Magazine, Control Design Issue Link

Mark Perry, Dispense Technologies ( :

The programming software for this product allows a combination of ladder logic and written program code, allowing us more flexibility and ease of programming. Our compiled programs remain secure, which reduces the risk of curious machine operators corrupting the code. Triangle’s support as excellent, and the products are extremely reliable.
Source: Page 41 Control Design Magazine, Control Design Issue Link
I have been a big fan of your products for some time now, I have some TMD24's in the field and I'm just about to add another 2-3 PLC's to the same site. So far they have proved to be very reliable, and the support you guys provide is unmatched in the industry.
Source: Forum Link
My name is Kai Niekammer from and i am a german programmer. I would like to send you a testimonial, because I like your hardware. I am using the T100MD-1616 in private for a long time and many projects, and never regret this purchasing, because it is quite easy to program and the results are awesome. On the university in Berlin, we are programming microcontrollers with assembler. That is a really interesting field of informatics. In my freetime i am a tutor for some students, were we use the T100MD-1616 board for many different tasks and it is worth every cent. All Students are amazed of it and like to work with it. Additionally, the support is one of the best if someone has a problem (what rarely happens ;-) ), i have ever got to know. We will soon start a project, were we want to use this board on an pioneer, that should navigate trough a labyrinth with artifical intelligence technics. I will report, when its done . Thanks!
Source: Forum Link
Thank you for the response, that is very good news as it adds another level of functionality to my product. By the way, I am pretty impressed with the F-series being a big fan of the M-series. - Willpower (Forum user)
Source: Forum Link
Great product. I work with Allan Bradley stuff every day but love what I can do with this. - secs (forum user)
Source: Forum Link
I thought I would tell you a little bit about the use I found for your product. I am a T-6 complete paraplegic (I get around exclusively by wheelchair).  I purchased a truck and outfitted it with a crane for the wheelchair and a mechanism to lift the camper top installed over the bed. When the installation was complete, I had separate controls for the crane (6 switches) and the camper shell.  Fumbling with all the switches was a nightmare. But … by installing your PLC in parallel with all of the switches and along with a remote car door opener, I was able to automate the entire wheelchair removal and replacement process.  Your PLC is a lifesaver.  I have been using it several times a day and it has performed flawlessly.  Thank you for a great product!    - Bruce Jansen Source: User Application Page
Great PLC's!  A rookie like me .... well, even I can program them!  Thanks for a super product with some of the best support I've ever seen! Nice new look, feel, and responsiveness on the website too! Thanks, - Sean 
Source: Forum Link
.. The T100MD is an amazing controller for the money and I will be looking for more projects to use it on. -  Brian Ferry  ..We've used the T100MD in the following products .... but soon we plan to completely replace the custom microcontroller that we've relied on up to now [with T100MD].  We may even move to replace the Opto22 UltimateIO system we use in our higher end machines - Joel Moore Source:  Forum Link
I am currently on the road near Omaha and the 2 manuals are sitting in my suitcase. Another engineer back at the office in Chicago needs to use them to modify some code... Do you wonder why are they in my suitcase? It is because this is the coolest PLC around!!!! When in Connecticut I was writing software and uploading from the hotel to the new machine in Chicago. I was wireless using the laptop during lunch in Detroit testing and monitoring. So the manuals sit in my suitcas for reference! ha ha - PLCStar   Source: Forum Link
First, thanks for a great product! I use your T100MD1616+ for all of my OEM products. I have found that when installed correctly, this PLC functions flawlessly. I have one operating a communications system that has been functioning without incident for almost 2 years! - Bill
Source: Forum Link
.... that's the beauty of this plc that you can make any changed of any calculation and any process at any time i tell you i love it... Thanks guy... THIS PLC IS USER SUPER FRIENDLY BIG TIME... EGAR (February 03, 2005) Source: Forum Link
Hi, Your PLC with basic programming is great.I measured a 0-8V Pirani sensor and I analysed the data over a 15 hour period to find out I had a leak.It saved me a lot of trouble I am wondering if you guys plan to add floating pointarithmetic to your PLC or increase the resolution to12 bit in a near future. ? That would be great -  Bob ( November 04, 2004)     Source Forum Link
Hi I've been playing with the T100MD+ for sometime now and really enjoy using it. However, there are some problems I can not solve and would like to ask few questions....  - Gibus (July 17, 2004)
Source: Forum Link
The programming, etc. has been a pleasure thus far for this machine. Great product.
- Michael (March 22, 2004)
Source:  Forum Link
..  I purchased a T100MD888 to teach myself more about PLC's. I found this PLC to be just a VERY powerful for the price. The best part for me is the Custom Function very very powerful. I plan on my PLC controlling my Air-conditioning system Via room sensors and my hot water boiler Via outdoor air reset. In short the Ladder + Basic make this a very POWERFULL PLC. Thats just my opinion - Fernandz ( March 08, 2004)
Source: Forum Link
I would like to say thank you for producing such an adaptable product, I am currently in the finishing stages of a project using an T100MD888, and have just received the go ahead for my next project using a T100MD2424.  This new project will entail the automation of a large recycling green waste screen plant.  I will be controlling several large converyors and multiple screen decks using the PLC.  I plan to incorporate speed and pressure sensors to monitor status of the plant.  I will also be incorporating a radio control system for startup and emergency shutdown. I would like to submit status reports to this website so anyone interested can monitor the progress of the project.  Once again thank you for producing such a great product. -   Will Steed (September 01, 2003)
Source: Forum Link
....  Thanks very much, and I have to say what a great product you have there, the adaptability has helped my project immensly. - Will Steed (July 25, 2003)
Source: Forum Link
... I am very intrigued by the abilities and ease of programming that these things can do.  I have been down the same road and will continue to find uses for these products in my future needs.  .... These guys have a kick ass product and I am willing to help promote it to make sure that it stays around.  - Ken W Talley (January 22, 2003)
Source: Forum Link
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Hello, my name is Kai Niekammer from   and i am a german programmer. I am using the T100MD-1616 in private for a long time and many projects, and never regret this purchasing, because it is quite easy to program and the results are awesome. On the university in Berlin, we are programming microcontrollers with assembler. That is a really interesting field of informatics. In my freetime i am a tutor for some students, were we use the T100MD-1616 board for many different tasks and it is worth every cent. All Students are amazed of it and like to work with it. Additionally, the support is one of the best if someone has a problem (what rarely happens ;-) ), i have ever got to know. We will soon start a project, were we want to use this board on an pioneer, that should navigate trough a labyrinth with artifical intelligence technics. I will report, when its done .
... I did not know what a PLC was five years ago when I stumbled on your website.  I learned how to program from your simulator software and I now  have my own business designing and installing custom controls for the natural gas industry.  Your support is very much appreciated" - Chris Johnson (Mesa Automation, Colorado USA) on 17 July 2006
Thank you again for your service. I installed the PLC and it worked perfectly. I used it to replace a bunch of relays on a swing gate for my home. It now has features that it did not have before. If you ever need an endorsement, I'd be happy to give one. - Mat Castaneda (22 Dec 2005)
I want to take this opportunity to thank you on all of the help that you have given to me throughout the course of this project. Your support has been exceptional. From start to finish you have been able to answer all of my questions. Your product knowledge is remarkable. As far as the PLC itself goes. WOW! At first I was a little concerned as to whether or not it would be able to handle the task. I have included as an attachment the code for both the Master and the Slave. The system works great and as such we now have an in house control system that we can alter to our needs as necessity demands. I have included pictures of the contruction of the Asphalt Distributor Truck as well as pictures of the final project. Please feel free to post any thing that I have included in this email if you feel it would be of any help to your other customers. - Ken Talley, Project Manager at Western States Surfacing  (    - Jan 6, 2003
For the past 15 years, we've used nearly all brands on the market - Siemens, Hitachi, Modicon, Mitsubitshi and so on - to set up control systems. Recently, we came to know about the TRi brand of PLCs and the difference between the traditional brands and the TRi brand is amazing. Just ask my programmers and they will tell you that the TRi-PLCs are just the best system to fit nearly all you would like to do in automation. Linking digital devices, analog devices, PWM, stepper controlling, High speed counters etc. - all these features in a small compact PLC. And not forgetting that the TLserver software enables the PLC to be connected to the Internet, send e-mails and capture data to the MS-Excel spreadsheet. These are powerful features to put into such a small PLC!

I recently calculated the cost of the last system my company did. We used the TRi-PLC and it costs $295. Had we done it with a Hitachi configuration, it would easily set us back by $3,000. Now, that's a significant difference. We also had a bad wiring when we first connect power to the PLC. But the TRi-PLC is really designed to withstand abuses and minimize the resulting damages. An added bonus is the first class service we received from the tech support team at TRi. This, you definitely have to find out for yourself because you may not believe it otherwise. Their service is not 100%, but 1000%, when you compare it with others.

Our programmers and I will from now on avoid using other systems as we are completely satisfied with the advantages and benefits offered by TRi-PLCs. If you need more info, you can always contact me by email: or by phone: 00-32-53-833512 Our address is: RIDDER'S Terlicht 45 9451 Kerksken Belgium.
"You know what I've just discovered? Your PLC's are the best on the market- So many people are yet to realize this. I've had the opportunity to work with Omron and Allen Bradley PLCs and read about others but none has the ease and power of programming / features packed into your T100MD+ PLCs. Keep up the excellent work.  - Elvis  ("
"Triangle Research Inc. ( The perfect example of the new emerging PLC technology market. Internet compatibility, smaller, cheaper, better customer service, and even free software, just to name some of the advantages of TRI as a new market leader...."  Don Fitchett,  Business Industrial Network.
"Thank you ever so much. I appreciate all that you have done to assist me. I really enjoy working with the PLC. It is doing a great job and I look forward to installing many more of them. It is difficult at times to get people to accept that someone else product will do the job as the old run of the mill equipment. Thank you again." - Fred Anderson, I&C Tech
Oklahoma Gas and Electric
From:      "MICHAEL BUZBEE" <>
To:     <>
Subject:     T100MD1616
Date sent:     Thu, 6 Apr 2000 19:59:45 -0500

First I would like to say how much my customers like your PLCs. They are very reliable and do not create any down time for the machines that they are on. I have written to you about 2 systems that I have in Nashville, TN. That have been running now over a year without problem. The maintenance electrician at the customer called last week and had a question and I asked how the system was doing and he replied there has been no problems and he did not even know that this system was there until a tornado hit the building. How is that for no problems?
" I think the E10-npn is a gem. I work in R&D and machine building for Die-Tech, Inc. We manufacture custom electronic assembly equipment and the E10 has proven to be a perfect fit for us. For example, we re-engineered a material unreeler that used to use relays; The E10 made the electronics box smaller, cooler running, and more robust. And in the bargain, our manufacturing cost was cut by two-thirds. That's real value in a product. In the R&D department, I use the PLC to replace the now-defunct S10 PLC from Omron. Not only is the E10 more compact, its software is cheaper (free vs $1500) and easier to use. And theres another price advantage - I save about $300 over the intallation cost of an Omron. The E10s in that department get re-wired and re-programmed on a weekly basis. ....  you have to take my word that the E10 can do serious work for such a small package. And if that weren't enough, the service I get is excellent, too. Delivery is faster than most domestic manufacterers, and while I hate to say I broke an E10 (and it was my fault- always finish installation before you add power!) the device is simple enough that I could pinpoint the damage and get a repair part right away from Triangle Research. And the chip I killed was thoughfully socketed, so no soldering was required to make the repair. Try that with your Allen-Bradley!"
Michael Dennis, USA Email:
Die-Tech, Inc.
Download User's own application Notes:
"I wish to complement you on your product. I have been learning the programming of a PLC for the first time and I have found your PLC to be quite remarkable. The ease of programming TRILOGI software and the ability to simulate the program is very useful. Also, finding your company and purchasing the PLC using the Internet was much appreciated. The PLC we purchased has been working tirelessly all winter in a less than hospitable environment. Our equipment is placed far away from our offices, so it is comforting knowing the equipment is operating with the minimum of supervision.  A description of our application can be found at: " - David Bell, USA.(User of T100MD1616)
Applied Marine Sciences
"It was the only units that combined I/O's and A/D with mathematical capabilities as well as a display for that price. ....So far it has been very easy to program and can generate quite powerful programs very quickly" - Greg Dwyer, Australia
(User of T100MX-3224R and MDS100)
.. I would like to add that I have two T100MD1616 running in an environment of 120 Deg. F.  They have been running for 3 months 24 hours a day 7 days a week with perfect performance. I have replaced some of my Siemens PLC applications with your product. - Michael Buzbee,
Advanced Packaging Concepts, USA
I am currently using T100MD-1616 for a control project. It is   great. However, a 8-bit DAC seems inadequate. I actually  contacted our local distributor the other day, wondering if you have a high resolution DAC built-in a different model. If you do  not have, I strongly suggest you to consider this option in your future deverlopment. As for programming, TX100-1616 has no competitor at   this stage, and it is so easy to program! Hong Du, Polyaire SA Australia   61(08)8359 8466
I can not say enough good things about the great job that you did with the network capability of the PLCs - it positions us as the most cost effective network controller with digital and analog I/O. No other manufacturer can beat our cost per I/O point. The Modbus RTU protocol is the most important feature for the network - I use it for the touch panel out port #1, and NETCMD$ for COMM with the washers out port #3 in the Version 2 Gurtler software. - Larry Wincester, PC-IO.COM
Your PLC got proof and nice working condition on board of aircraft.  If I have any more projects in future, we'll take more PLC's. Thanks a lot for nice product. Alex Soliternik. New York USA,  Lyuk3 Express Inc
(Use T44H-npn for controlling smoke candle on aircraft performing airshow)
"I like the T100MD-1616. For all the features and hardware the price is good. ... It does seem to be a rugged unit and has withstood some abuse without failing". - Douglas Hylton. USA
"I use TRiLOGI in the college classroom. I have each student download and install TriLOGI on their home computer, and I then give them programming assignments to do at home. They individually write, run and debug their PLC programs, and then email their program files to me for testing and grading. Since TRiLOGI will simulate PLC operation off-line, each student is able to obtain hands-on programming and debugging experience without having to wait for their turn on an expensive laboratory PLC. The students enjoy using TRiLOGI because they can see their programs run at home without loading them into an actual PLC, it is easy to learn, and the cost for the off-line version is zero." Prof John Hackworth, Old Dominion Univeristy
¡Felicitaciones a TRILOGI por un producto excelente!.Estoy utilizando un PLC de la linea TMX. Al programarlo he usado el simulador que es una poderosa herramienta que hace ahorrar horas de pruebas. De otro modo uno debe utilizar el PLC real conectado a muchas llaves que simulan entradas. La posibilidad de simular el programa sin conectar el PLC, disponiendo ademas de las comodisimas pantallas que muestran el estado de entradas, salidas, reles, timers, contadores y variables internas permite realizar los programas, corregirlos y depurarlos con mucha comodidad y rapidez. Por otro lado el lenguaje ladder con TBASIC es potentisimo pues tiene muchas funciones muy utiles incorporadas, como el manejo con rampas para motores paso a paso o el algoritmo de control PID, que se programan con mucha simplicidad. A esto hay que sumarle la mejor relacion precio/prestaciones del mercado. Mg. Ing. Andres Lage,
San Juan - Argentina