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Coronavirus Advisory

Triangle Research is fully operational and taking the proper precautions to ensure its employees, customer, and partners are safe. Although, we are not experiencing our own internal disruptions, there may be unavoidable delays in our supply chain and fulfillment network as various regions continue to take the necessary precautions. We will continue to serve our loyal customers without sacrificing safety.

Wireless PLC

Spring 2021

Next generation WX100 wireless PLC set to be released. Visit the WX100 Product Page for more information

Wireless PLC


Next generation wireless PLC under development! More to come later in 2020...

Government Project

Dec 2019

The Federal Government of Canada awarded Alec SmartLighting by TRi a contract to install the networked lighting zone controller innovation (ZC001) in 3 buildings across Canada under its Build In Canada Innovation Program (now under Innovative Solutions Canada).

The three government departments and buildings are:

  1. National Research Council: Montreal Road Campus, Ottawa

  2. Parks Canada: Pukaskwa Admin Building, Pukaskwa National Park

  3. Public Services Procurement Canada: Library Square Building, Vancouver

Projects to be completed through 2020

LC2 Smart Controller

March 2019

The next generation, LC2 smart lighting controller with IR remote control and configuration, is officially released in place of LC1.

After a successful launch of LC1 for SLC conversion kits, the industry called for a simpler mechanism to adjust brightness and configuration settings... and TRi/Alec SmartLighting delivered!

This controller is paired with certified LED retrofit kits to complete our 2nd generation Smart LED Conversion kit (SLC2) used to economically, quickly, and easily retrofit linear fluorescent tube lighting while keeping the existing fixture in place. Now with the added benefit of fast and simplified commissioning via IR remote.

LC1 Smart Controller

Nov 2018

LC1 smart lighting controller for retrofit projects is officially released. This controller is paired with certified LED retrofit kits to complete a Smart LED Conversion kit (SLC) used to economically, quickly, and easily retrofit linear fluorescent tube lighting while keeping the existing fixture in place.

Update: LC1 is replaced by LC2 with IR remote control capabilities.

Alec SmartLighting

Aug 2018

The trade name "ALEC SMARTLIGHTING" is officially registered under Triangle Research International Inc. for all smart lighting related business.

Innovation Program

March 2017

Alec SmartLightings lighting zone control system has been pre-qualified by the Federal Government of Canada under its Build In Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) for pilot installations in government facilities.

Lighting Controls


In 2016, TRi started to leverage its deep industrial automation expertise to develop a new line of purpose-built PLCs, dedicated to intelligent lighting control. The resulting Alec SmartLighting zone controller solutions help customers meet new and exacting energy-saving building codes that are increasing demanded by many jurisdictions around the world.

The ZC001 and ZC002 zone controllers along with their associated peripherals have now been released and are available for new build and retrofit contstruction projects.

Field-wiring PLC


In 2014, TRi started development on a new SmartTILE based PLC intended for simple and economical control panel integration. The resulting EZWire1616 PLC helped customers lower design and installation costs by simplifying field labour.

EZWire1616 PLC features integrated, field wiring ready I/O terminals, and provides every digital and analog I/O point with its own power (+24V or +5V) and 0V on a 3-level screwless terminal. Every sensor and actuator in the control system can be wired directly to the PLC without requiring additional screw terminal blocks and wire-harnesses.

This design saves systems integrators and machine OEMs valuable time, material cost, control panel space and dreaded wiring error recovery effort during installation.

floating-point PLCs


The Fx2424 and Fx1616-BA that support floating-point math on i-TRiLOGI version 7 became available. These two new PLCs replace the outgoing F2424 and F1616-BA.


The SmartTILE (Smart TRi Integrated Logic Engine) CPU board is now made available for OEM who wants to design their own custom made Super PLCs.  Read the SmartTILE Product Exclusive featured in Control Engineering magazine.

Application Spotlight


We have added a new packaging application to our Application & Industries page. Click here to view. Special thanks to Derek Evans from Fidalgo Bay Coffee for sharing his wonderful project with us.

Expansion Boards Added


We are pleased to announce the official release of our 3 latest PLC peripherals:

EXP2424 - Expansion module with 48 inputs/outpouts, for FMD and F Series PLC

AIO-TERM1 - Analog interface board, for FMD and F Series PLC

DB15 Cable - DB15 analog interface cable for FMD and F Series PLC

For more information on our latest release, please click on each individual links above.