The EXP2424 is an expansion board specifically designed for the FMD and F-series PLCs. It adds additional 24 digital inputs and 24 digital outputs to the FMD88-10, FMD1616-10, F2424 or F1616-BA. The EXP2424 also has an secondary expansion connector on the right side of the PCB which allows additional expansion board to be cascaded (up to a maximum of 128 digital inputs and 128 digital outputs for these PLCs), or a MD-HMI to be connected.


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The EXP2424 is identical in size to the FMD88-10 PLC. This allows the expansion board to be “stacked” on top or below a FMD88-10 PLC for applications where the controller must be fitted within a very tight space. A FMD88-10 with a EXP2424 stacked together provide 40 digital inputs and 40 digital outputs in a very small footprint.


The other expansion board EXP1616R can also be cascaded to the same secondary expansion connector.

- Digital Input: 24 (12-24V DC NPN)
- Digital Output (peak current): 24 (12-24V DC  NPN)
- Dimension (L x W x H) 4.825” x 4.45” x 1.0”( 122.6mm x 113.2mm x 25.4mm)
- Power Source connected to same 12-24V power supply as the PLC
EXP2424 Installation Guide (View PDF)
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