The Nano-10 has only 10 I/Os, but is a full-function programmable logic controller with many of the features found only in bigger and much more expensive PLCs.

Measuring only 3.3" by 2.8" and weighing in at 2.6 oz, this nano class controller is perfect for industrial IoT along with its built-in Ethernet port which supports MODBUS TCP/IP Server and Client connections. In addition, an RS485 connection which supports native host link commands protocol as well as MODBUS RTU and MODBUS ASCII, makes it possible not only to communicate with other Triangle Research PLCs, but also with other PLCs and devices that support the same industry standards.

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  • Programmable over serial, LAN, or the Internet
  • Push data to a server
  • Act as a Modbus TCP/serial master or remote unit
  • Built-in Webserver for web-app control
  • Upload files to an FTP server


  • NPN Outputs can sink 2A continuous
  • Relay Outputs can power a 5A load
  • Supports stepper control and multiple PWM signals
  • Measure and count pulses simultaneously
  • 2 x 0-5V AI

Advanced Features

  • High-speed, unlimited write retentive memory
  • Real-time clock for event storage (battery-backup option available)
  • Software and hardware interrupts for complex control
  • PID loops for control systems applications
  • Simple yet powerful ladder logic and TBASIC structured text programming






DI4NPN / 12-24V DC
DO42 x NPN / 12-24V DC / 4A peak, 2A continuous
2 x Relay (max 240V AC) / 10A Peak, 5A continuous @120V AC
AI2Single Ended 0-5V / 12 bit
AO0Analog outputs are not available on this model
PWM212-24VDC / 50Hz to 20KHz / 0-100% / 2A continuous
Stepper Motor Controller1Shared with DO / pulse and direction / 10K pps
Pulse Counter2Shared with DI / Quadrature or single phase / 10KHz
Pulse Measurement4Shared with DI / Measure frequency, period, pulse width / 10KHz
Expansion Port 0Expansion is not supported on this model


Board Supply124V DC

Non-volatile Memory (standard)

Program 8K8K words program memory standard
Data 1K1K words FLASH built in for occassional backup (100K writes)

Non-volatile Memory (with FRAM)

Program 16K16K words program memory with FRAM-RTC-0/256 upgrade
Data 11K11K words FRAM memory with FRAM-RTC-0/256 upgrade


Standard1Real Time Clock and Calendar (Year, Day, Month, Hours, Min, Sec, day-of-week) - no battery backup
With optional FRAM-RTC-0/2561Adds battery backup


All COM ports support software programming, monitoring, and control

Ethernet1 10/100 Mbps LAN port
RS2320RS232 is not available on this model
RS4851two-wire connection with Modbus RTU protocol support


  • Modbus TCP (client and server)
  • FServer (native programming/monitoring/data)
  • FTP (client and server)
  • Webserver (HTML and JavaScript)
  • HTTP
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • Native Hostlink (programming/monitoring/data)
  • Generic ASCII (programmable)


LCD0LCD port is not available on this model


Languagei-TRiLOGI Version 6.xx (Ladder+Basic)
PC / OSWindows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11


Dimensions3.34"(L) x 2.84"(W) x 0.8"(H)
84.8mm (L) x 72.1mm (W) x 25.4mm (H)
Weight2.6 oz (76 grams)
WiringPluggable Screw Terminals


Operating Temperature -20 to +85 deg C
(-4 to +185 deg F)
Operating Humidity10% to 90% Rel. Humidity, non condensing
Vibration ResistanceIEC 68-2-6/1980 Vibration 1.6mm
  • 25Hz to 100Hz
  • Amplitude = +1
  • Acceleration = + 4.0g
Electrical Noise ResistanceIEC801-4 (Fast transient)
  • 2KV to power supply
  • 50 microsecond pulse width
  • 1 min. 1KV to I/O by capacitive coupling
  • 0 microsecond pulse width

Document Name

Document Type


Nano-10 User's ManualManual
Nano-10 Data SheetDatasheet
FMD PLC Extended File SystemGuide
Create your own Control Web PageQuick-Start Guide





I/O Expansion

Expansion Card with 32 Digital I/Os
Expansion Card with 48 Digital I/Os
Expansion Card with 80 Digital I/Os
Analog I/O Expansion Modules

Wiring Adapters

Analog Terminal Interface Board
4-20mA Analog I/O Interface

Communication Adapters

RS232-to-RS485 Converter
USB to RS485 Serial Port Converter


DB9 Programming Cable
DB15 Analog Interface Cable

Memory and Battery Backup

Ferrogmagnetic RAM (11K words)
FRAM-RTC-0 + Batt.-backed RTC & 256kb Data File Storage


2 Lines x 16 Char. LCD Display
4 Lines x 20 Char. LCD Display
RS485 driven 4x20 LCD Display


MD-HMI: 16 Keys Keypad & 4x20 LCD Display
4.3" LCD Touch Panel
7" LCD Touch Panel
3.1" Graphic HMI with 18-Button Keypad


Din Rail Mounting Kit - Small
Din Rail Mounting Kit - Medium
Din Rail Mounting Kit - Large


Power Supply, 24VDC, 2.5A


TRi ladder+BASIC programming software
TRi ExcelLink Software