The MD-HMI comprises one 4 lines x 20 characters backlit LCD display; a 16 keys keypad and 8 LEDs. This module is plugged into the LCD port and the expansion port of the PLC. It does not use up any of the PLC's I/O. The keys and the LEDs appear as expanded I/Os to the CPU.


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▸ Numeric keypad data entry is much easier.
▸ Professional looking front bezel.
▸ A standard Lexan cover is included, but OEM users could also make their own customized Lexan cover.
- Display Type LCD
- Display Size 3.2"
- Display Characters 4 Lines x 20 Characters
- Backlight: LED
- Dimension (W x H): 210 x 100 mm
- Construction: Aluminium Faceplate
- I/O: IDC Cable
- Weight: 0.025 kg
MD-HMI Installation Guide (View PDF)
TRiLOGI programs for use with the MD-HMI (Download ZIP)
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