Triangle Research International -
PLC Specialists for Automation and OEMs

Triangle Research International specializes in manufacturing programmable logic controllers (PLCs) since 1993. Our family of no frills, PCB style Ethernet-equipped Super PLCs are designed for embedding into OEM applications, and provide a complete array of high-value solutions for any OEM manufacturer's needs.

More importantly, our highly acclaimed i-TRiLOGITM Ladder+BASIC software reduces programming of complex control tasks on these Super PLCs into a few simple keywords. i-TRiLOGI's ease of use, coupled with its built-in simulator makes it a software of choice for many educational institutes. Today, more than half a million copies of the educational version of this popular software have been downloaded worldwide.


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News & Announcements:


Next generation wireless PLC under development! More to come later in 2020... <Read More>


December 11th, 2019

The Federal Government of Canada awarded Alec SmartLighting by TRi a contract to install the networked lighting zone controller innovation (ZC001) in 3 buildings across Canada... <Read More>


March 12th, 2019

The next generation, LC2 smart lighting controller with IR remote control and configuration, is officially released in place of LC1... <Read More>