Super PLCs & Peripherals
The Super PLCs come with many built-in advanced features, including a ready-to-use Ethernet port, fast 32-bit CPU, analog I/Os and connection ports for other devices - all at affordable prices. Programming of Super PLCs is kept user-friendly with the powerful i-TRiLOGI Ladder + BASIC Software. Best of all, you get a FREE Web HMI with every Super PLC!
SmartTILE CPU Board
The Smart TRi Integrated Logic Engine (SmartTILE) enables OEMs to custom-build an affordable yet powerful in-house Super PLC for their own line of equipment products. Simply design one’s own carrier I/O board and snap on the SmartTILE and program it using the i-TRiLOGI Ladder + BASIC Software.
All-in-one Lighting Energy Controller (ALEC)
TRi's new “All-In-One Lighting Energy Controller” is essentially a purpose-built Super PLC designed and pre-programmed specifically to simplify the implementation of an Intelligent Lighting Control System. It is an embodiment of TRi’s more than 20 years of PLC design and IIoT technology in a package that will change the way you think of Intelligent Lighting Control System.

ALEC zone controllers are fully UL/CSA certified for commercial and residential installations. Please check out these amazing products at:

Classic PLC
The TRi Classic PLCs each broke new ground in the world of PLC automation and design when released. These PLCs have a long, proven track record and are ideal as intelligent, low-cost local controllers within sophisticated distributed systems, under the command of a Super PLC or a PC.