E10-Relay+ PLC
The new E10-Relay+ PLC is an enhanced version of the original E10-Relay. All timers and counters in the E10+ now support the full range of set values from 0-9999 instead of just 0-254, and the maximum program steps have been increased to 216 steps. More importantly, this E10+ PLCs can now be programmed by the new WinTRiLOGI version 3.5 software which runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.

This new PLC also features a built-in RS485 port and supports a full set of host link commands similar to those on the H- and the M-series PLCs. These features allow it to be used as a slave or as an intelligent, distributed I/O board for a host PC or an M-series Super PLC. Aside from using the Opto232 programmer transfer adapter, this new PLC can also be remotely programmed via RS485 using an “Auto485” or equivalent RS232-to-RS485 converter.

NOTE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS : please purchase PLC Starter Kit which includes i-TRiLOGI programming software.


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Finally, a Ladder-Logic based PLC so small and cost so little that it can effectively replace all those bulky relays, timers or counters found in your current control panels. Its 24V DC transistor outputs or 0 to 250V AC relay outputs eliminate the need for additional driver circuitry and its incredibly low price means you actually save money while getting a technically superior design for your next control panel project!

With their built-in RS485 interface, the new E10+ PLCs are ideal for distributed control where the I/Os are distributed to far away locations. The RS485 standard interface allows a twisted pair wire to connect PLCs at up to 1200 m (4000 ft) away! Up to 255 E10+ PLCs may be connected to a master PLC such as the T100MD+ or to a host PC using the Auto485. Each E10+ PLC can work standalone for fast local control and at the same time, their I/O status can be remotely controlled and monitored by the master PLC or by a PC. Its simple ASCII based Host Link Commands are really easy to use. You can see a Visual BASIC example at: http://www.triplc.com/applications/VBsample.htm

An E10+ PLC is programmable using an extremely user-friendly ladder logic editor-cum-simulator software - WinTRiLOGI Version 3.5. This software now runs under Windows operating systems (95,98,ME, NT,2000,XP). The same PC can be used to program either a single E10+ via RS232 interface, or up to 255 E10+ PLCs via the RS485 network.

WinTRiLOGI runs on any Windows PC. Featuring pull-down menus, pop-up windows and on-line contextsensitive help systems, TRiLOGI is the most user-friendly ladder logic editor available. Its built-in logic SIMULATOR allows you to perform complete off-line testing of your program on your PC screen without connecting to the target PLC. You can immediately verify our claim by downloading the evaluation copy of the TRiLOGI from our Internet Website: http://www.tri-plc.com/trilogi.htm and finish writing the ladder program for your next project in no time!
- Digital Input: 6 (24V pnp)
- Digital Output (peak current): 4 (2.0A @250VAC or 24VDC per output Dry contact)
- Digital I/O Expansion: -
- Analog I/O: -
        A.I. Interface -
        A.O. Interface -
- PWM (current): -
- Stepper Motor Controller: -
- Stepper Motor Drivers: -
- High Speed Counter: -
- RS232 ports: -
- RS485 port (2-wire): 1
- 14-pin LCD port: -
- Ethernet Port: -
- IR Remote Control: -
- Light Dimmer control: -
- Program Flash Memory: -
- Non-volatie FRAM: -
- Dimension (L x W x H): 3.07” x 2.2” x 0.98”
- Operating Temperature: 0-70 ℃
- Power Supply 24V AC (transformer) or 24VDC, Current = 0.2A
E10-Relay+ Product Brochure (View PDF)
E10-Relay+ Installation Guide (View PDF)
E10+ PLC Host Link Command Reference Manual (View PDF)
Coming Soon
DIN-KIT-1B - Din Rail Mounting Kit
U-485 - USB to RS485 Serial Port Converter
Auto485 - RS232-to-RS485 Converter
Opto232 - Opto-isolated RS232 Only for E10-Relay+ PLC
MDR-6024 - Power Supply, 24VDC, 2.5A