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"i-TRiLOGI" is the name of the ladder or ladder+BASIC programming software for the Nano-10, FMD and F-series PLCs via LAN or the Internet. It can also be used for programming the legacy M-series (T100MD+ and T100MX+) PLCs, although some of features are not available to the legacy PLCs.

i-TRiLOGI has a built-in Simulator which allows ladder or ladder+BASIC program to be simulated on a PC without purchasing the PLCs. As such the i-TRiLOGI software is an ideal training tool for learning PLC programming.  Students or technicians can quickly create a ladder logic program on their laptop and instantly test the program using the simulator.

We welcome any technical institutes and colleges to use the TRiLOGI software to train students on ladder logic programming at no charge at all! We would appreciate it if you could email to us at: to inform us that you will be providing a link to our website so that the students can download the TRiLOGI software from our web page to do their homework! Suggestions and feedback on our products would be greatly appreciated. Please tell your friends and colleagues about the program if you enjoy using it.