Free PLC eBook by Kevin Collins

The Author: Kevin Collins is a staff member of the Institute of Technology Sligo, Republic of Ireland when the book was published.

This book provides a basic, yet comprehensive, introduction to the subject of PLC programming for both mechanical and electrical engineering students. It is well written, easy to follow and contains many programming examples to reinforce understanding of the programming theory.

The student is led from the absolute basics of ladder logic programming all the way through to complex sequences with parallel and selective branching. The programming is taught in a generic style which can readily be applied to any make and model of PLC.

The examples and tutorials provided in this book that can be easily created and simulated using Triangle Research International's FREE i-TRiLOGI Ladder Logic Editor, Compiler and Simulator software.

The PDF version of this PLC programming learning aid for beginners and students can now be downloaded totally free by clicking on the book cover, or click here.