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If you have not used an F-series PLC before you will need a SmartTILE Development Kit which comprises the following items:

(a) SmartTILE-Fx CPU board x 1

(b) Receptacles for SmartTILE I/O pins x 1 set

(c) i-TRiLOGI Version 6 & 7 Installation CD x 1

(d) F2424 or F1616-BA Super PLC x 1

(e) U-485 (USB-to-RS485 converter) x 1

(f) SmartTILE Design Guide (PDF by Email)

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Please submit the following price list request form to request for the SmartTILE OEM price schedule Note: the order for SmartTILE Development Kit can only be placed by calling +1-877-874-7527 or email to

Please make sure that the email is correct, otherwise we may not be able to contact you unless you leave a phone number too!