I. Low Cost Data Entry


Use 3 Pushbuttons connected to 3 Digital Inputs  and LCD for feedback:

Button 1: Select parameter
Button 2: + (Increment)
Button 3: - (Decrement)

Advantages: Low cost. Great for occasional adjustment of parameters.
Disadvantages: Use up 3 D/I.

LCD216nl.jpg (3096 bytes) pbswitch1.gif (3278 bytes)pbswitch1.gif (3278 bytes)pbswitch1.gif (3278 bytes)

Sample TRiLOGI file:  setTimerCtr_SV.PC5
Sample file printout:  setTimerCtr_SV.pdf


Use 1-10KW Potentiometer connected to an Analog Input -scale the input readings (0-4096) to fit the desired range for the parameters.   A marked dial can provide a rough indicator of the settings, but if you have an LCD display then you can obtain very precise settings.

Advantages: Extremely low cost (< $1).
Easy to adjust.
Disadvantages: Use up 1 analog input per parameter.

    pot1.jpg (2355 bytes)pot1.jpg (2355 bytes)
potconnection.gif (2838 bytes) 
Sample TRiLOGI file:  Analog-Timer.PC5
Sample file printout:  Analog-Timer.PDF


Use the MD-HMI Module- This part comprises one 4 lines x 20 characters backlit LCD display; a 16 keys keypad and 8 LEDs. This module is plugged into the LCD port and the expansion port of the PLC. It does not use up any of the PLC's I/O. The keys and the LEDs appear as expanded I/Os to the CPU.

Advantages: Numeric keypad data entry is much easier. Professional looking front bezel.
Disadvantages: Works only on T100MD+ & F-series PLC  models.

-  Download Installation Guide: inst-HMI.pdf
-  Download TRiLOGI programs 
for use with the MD-HMI: HMI.zip

II. Serial Port Based HMI


All the T100MD and MX as well as F-series families of PLCs support mutiple communication protocols, including both the MODBUS and OMRON C20H protocols on both their RS232C  and RS485 ports. Hence the PLC can work with a wide variety of third party HMIs and SCADA software that speaks MODBUS or OMRON protocols via the RS232 or RS485 port. The following are just some of those we have tested or known to work with our PLCs, Any HMI or SCADA that supports generic MODBUS devices should work with the M-series PLCs.


1 wpe2.jpg (5845 bytes)

wpe1.jpg (2389 bytes)


KEP (Kessler-Ellis Products) has a TRI-specific comm driver to support their range of HMI products which are able to  communicate with the F-series, T100MD+ and T100MX+ PLC using the NATIVE PROTOCOL.  These HMIs therefore have full access to all PLC variables including 32-bit integer, String, ADC, DAC and RTC data, as well as EEPROM data content. (KEP HMIs also support MODBUS protocols just like other popular HMIs. However, all HMIs that use MODBUS protocol may only access the PLC's 16-bit integer data and not string or 32-bit data). 

Sample Projects & App. Notes:  TRi-KEP.zip
For more information, please email: brian@kep.com

2 Optimation Operator Interface 

 KM420.gif (33568 bytes)
Model: KM420

We tested the 400 series model KM420. Other models should be useable in the similar manner. Both MODBUS protocol and the Optimate proprietary HEX protocols can be used. (When using Hex protocol, the PLC is the master and the HMI is the slave).

Application Notes:
1. TRi-Optimate-Modbus.zip
2. TRi-OptimateHex.zip

3 Maple Systems OIT (Operator Interface Terminals)
HMI500series.jpg (13673 bytes)
We tested the model HMI-520M - a 4 colour version of the popular HMI500 series touch panel and it was found to work extremely well with the T100MD+ PLCs. By selecting the model as Modicon MODBUS RTU (485 2W), both the RS232 and RS485 connection were tested and found to work well with the PLC"s COMM1 (RS232) and COMM3 (RS485) ports.

Application Note & Sample Project: MapleOIT.zip


4 Taian OPS6 Touch Panel Display

OPS6HMI.jpg (9432 bytes)

By selecting the PLC type as Modicon 984 RTU slave, the Taian OPS6 touch panel works beautifully with the M-series PLC's RS485 port. We tested the Op26L series model.  Other models should be useable in the similar manner.

Application Note & Sample Project: TaianOPS6.zip

5 Other HMI brandsthat some customers reportedly have used successfully:
  • Proface
  • Hakko
  • GE Fanuc Quickpanel.
  • Petlite.
  • EXOR (Italy)