Visual Basic and GNU C++ Communication Samples

Saveral sample programs in VB6, VB Express and GNU C++ are provided in this app notes to assist users to write program that run on a PC/Mac to communicate with the PLC via the serial port or the Ethernet port.

Visual Basic Express Sample Program for Ethernet TCP/IP Comm

A User can easily program his/her PC to connect to a Super PLC via TCP/IP (Ethernet or Internet) and send/receive ASCII based host link commands. The sample project as well as a DLL provided below is a good starting point to learn how to do so.

Download VB Express sample program

VB6 / VB Express Sample Program for Serial Comm

Two sample programs are provided - VB Express and Visual Basic 6. You can build up your applications using the supplied codes as a foundation for setting up serial comm with the PLCs.

1. Download VB Express sample program
2. Download VB6 sample program

GNU C++ Serial Comm sample program for Apple Mac/Unix

Mr Fran Jarnjak of USA contributed the following serial communication sample program code for the Apple Mac/Unix platform


Apple Mac / UNIX Comm sample program