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« on: May 16, 2023, 07:17:32 AM »
Hi Tech
          Seem to be having a little trouble with importing data from a wx100 using the hostlink commands. I have a spreadsheet setup which can happily connect to nano plcs on our network. When I tried to connect to my wx100 using the following web data link -* - all works well and good at
the web page level. However, when I try to import the data to an excel cell the machine just keeps on trying and eventually comes up with a message that the data cannot be connected. This is strange because when I just simply use a web browser the expected data appears correctly in the web browser window. I them went and tried the same exercise on another pc and whilst I can again happily connect to nano plcs on the site and access data from the same integer location within the plc, then all is well and good, but then when I try it on the wx100, it seems to lock up just after clicking the import option. It seems as though there is some conflict at the excel
import stage??
Regards Nanoman

Technical support / Input[1] to Input[5] Operation
« on: January 06, 2023, 07:57:41 AM »
Hi Support.
                In my application I am getting data from a remote i/o block via modbus and placing it into a register say dm[10].
I then used Input[2] = DM[10] to place the remote input data into the wx100 plc inputs area starting at input 17. However I have found that this area keeps clearing the data back to zero. I am using a WX TERM 8 with my WX100 so this only uses 8 inputs so I assumed that I should avoid at least the 1st 16 inputs and place the data in Input[2] area. I then used the i/o monitor to force various inputs on /off and noticed that I could only correctly set / reset inputs starting at input 81 which relates to input[6] which seems to indicate that you have reserved the first 80 inputs for remote tri-plc input useage?. Anyway its not a massive problem as I can simply place my input data by using input[6] = dm[10].
the only problem with this is that I cannot monitor on the screen, inputs 1 - 8 at the same time as monitoring inputs 81 onwards. So I was wondering if there is a system switch somewhere that can be set according to the number of input points used. In this way I can bunch my inputs on the monitor screen and see them all at the same time.
Regards Peter     

Technical support / WX100 WIFI Connection Status
« on: January 04, 2023, 10:38:01 AM »
Hi Support
               In my current application I would like to know the status of the WIFI Connection, is there a specific bit I can test that gives me the connection state of the WIFI so that I can make decisions based on whether it has connected to a WIFi network or not? I did have a look at the STATUS(14) bit 6 command but I am not sure if this distinguishes between the fact that the WX100 is connected to a wireless network or that a client (remote user) is connected through that network? My end game here is to only allow my application main code to run if the wx100 has connected to the local WIFI network and if not, then display a message to indicate the fact. Some extra clarification would be appreciated.
Regards Peter     

Technical support / Erratic Online Monitoring of I/O Tables with WX100
« on: December 22, 2022, 03:52:18 AM »
Hi Tech
Since using the Wx100 I have been having erratic problems with the online monitoring facility where it simply locks up when monitoring the i/o tables. When this situation occurs it seems only to freeze the I/O table connectivity but not the optional view variables window which still shows variables data activity. I have noticed that the situation never occurs when using the inbuilt simulator which shows the same screens albeit not monitoring via WIFI ethernet. I also get occasional  message saying program corrupt and lost connection whereby I have to reconnect to the Wx100. All in all it seems that it only occurs when connected via Wifi Ethernet. Just so you know my setup I am using The Wx100 connected via a Mango Mini Router which then gives me a local ethernet port as well as a wifi connection. The problem occurs whether I use the LAN port or WIFI connection, obviously as its a Wx100 it all comes via WIFI anyway. I have supplied a link to the product below. I have never experienced any monitoring problems before on other versions of TriLogic which I use for Nano's and FMD's 

The version number I am using is 7.5 Build 14
Mango / GL-MT300N-V2 - GL.iNet › products
mango mini smart router from   

Technical support / WX100 Ip address appears as ethernet instead of wifi?
« on: December 21, 2022, 05:03:49 AM »
Hi Tech
          I have a wx100 unit and went to display the ip address and it returns 255,255,255,255 so does the subnet mask.
I am using the Get_ipAddr  command and the Get_Subnet command but it appears to be returning the data which is
held for the ethernet port which of course is not available on the WX100 plcs. Is there a different command or variation
so that it reports the correct ip address number for the wifi port

Regards Pete

Technical support / goto command
« on: December 20, 2022, 10:42:46 AM »
Hi Tech
I am just doing a routine where I need to branch off within a custom function using the goto command. I have a register which holds my Sequence number and is updated
according to other factors in the program. This is named as SeqNo and is assigned to a dm[xx] register. Now everything works fine using multiple ifs and goto @xx but the text can get
very long using either if or an elseif variation.  Anyway I tried to use the following line so as to get rid of all the ifs

Goto @SeqNo

But this gave me an error. So then I tried

goto a$         

This did not work either so any help would be appreciated.

These lines below show what I am trying to reduce if possible.

if SeqNo = 1
goto @1

if SeqNo = 2
goto @2

if SeqNo = 3
goto @3

if SeqNo = 10
goto @10  '

code for this routine

code for this routine

code for this routine

code for this routine

Technical support / EEprom Cycles for a data log
« on: November 29, 2022, 01:50:29 AM »
Hi Tech
          I am currently using your new wx100 series to develop a control system for a silo filling control system. One of my requirements is to be able to log data as various events happen,
currently for each event I have used the code below - albeit with varying text on the end according to the event - to write the data to the EEprom area

X$ = STR$(DATE[3])+ " "+STR$(DATE[3])+" "+STR$(DATE[2])+ " "+STR$(DATE[1])+ " "+STR$(TIME[2])+ ":"+STR$(TIME[3])+ " "+ "Enter Button Activated"
Save_eep$ X$,Datalogpointer
Call Incdatalogpointer

The datalogpointer variable simply gets incremented by every call to Incdatalogpointer and eventually reset after say 100 datalogs.
this seems to work ok apart from some strange goings on of the eeprom manager when reading back what I have written.

My question is twofold
1) How many times on the wx100 can the eeprom be written / rewritten
2) Is this the fastest way to do it as I notice a delay in the plc scan cycle when actuating this code


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