STEPMOVEABS ch, position, r  
Purpose This new command allows you to move the stepper motor # ch to an absolute position indicated by the position parameter. At the end of the move the relay #r will be turned ON. position can be between -231 to +231 .(i.e. about 2 x 109) steps. The absolute position is calculated with respect to the last move from the "HOME" position. (The HOME position is set when the STEPHOME command is executed). The speed and acceleration profile are determined by the STEPSPEED command as in the original command set.

This command automatically computes the number of pulses and direction required to move the stepper motor to the new position with respect to the current location. The current location can be determined at any time by the STEPCOUNTABS( ) function.

Once STEPMOVEABS command is executed, re-execution of this command or the STEPMOVE command will have no effect until the entire motion is completed or aborted by the STEPSTOP command.


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