Author Topic: Trilogi version 6 woes  (Read 11018 times)


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Trilogi version 6 woes
« on: September 06, 2006, 04:14:45 PM »

A couple of software suggestions for a possible V6.12 and TLServer 3.01!!

Why is it, when you attempt to open (local drive) a .pc5 file with version 6.11, your unable to see any .pc5 files even if you have selected "all files" in the files of type selection box?  Is this a Known bug?

Why have you used a different theme for the "open" and "save as" pop up windows, you loose the function of being able to navigate with the windows shortcut icons i.e. my computer etc (on the LHS)?

I've also had a few problems with the TLserver accessing port 25 of my ISP SMTP server.  Most ISP's are blocking this port in a bid to stop spam, if the TLserver had a selectable / set by user SMPT port number along with your ISP user and password credentials, you will be able to send emails from TLserver whatever your ISP feels like changing next.

You can use some SMTP server software on your local PC like postcast, but this still tries to access port 25.  One solution is to use an ISP like who will let you send mail to their SMTP server.  They will then forward the email on for a nominal yearly charge. It?s not very expensive, about $20 for a years subscription but it's still extra expense that I think could be avoided with a tweak of the TLserver's software.

Anyone agrees / disagrees with these points?



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Re:Trilogi version 6 woes
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2009, 05:30:42 AM »
I believe the latest i-TRiLOGI version 6.2x and TLServer 3.15 have answered the request by this post.

If you have earlier version if i-TRiLOGI and wish to upgrade, please click on the "Help->Upgrade TRiLOGI" link and follow the instructions.
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