Author Topic: LCD Touch Panel HMI with TRi Driver  (Read 21455 times)

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LCD Touch Panel HMI with TRi Driver
« on: July 18, 2006, 03:22:13 PM »
KEP (Kessler-Ellis Products) has just announced that they have written a TRi specific driver for their range of LCD touch panel that uses TRi's proprietary host link command protocol. Hence this makes the KEP range of HMI not just fully compatile with the T100MD+ and T100MX+, but also extremely simple to program and they are able to access ALL PLC internal variables, including string, EEPROM, ADC, DAC, RTC etc. Please visit the following link for sample project created using KEP HMI:

Note: Although T100MD+ and T100MX+ can be used with any third party Touch Panel HMI that supports the MODBUS protocol, there are some limitations in using the MODBUS driver approach since the MODBUS protocol is unable to access the PLC's String data, EEPROM data as well as ADC, DAC data etc. Hence we recommend KEP HMI for users looking for a HMI that are more specific to our M-series PLCs.
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