Author Topic: FMD88-10 and UL 61131-2 and UL 60730-2-9  (Read 6944 times)


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FMD88-10 and UL 61131-2 and UL 60730-2-9
« on: April 13, 2020, 12:27:36 PM »
Can someone please tell me if the FMD88-10 conforms to UL Standard UL 61131-2  OR  UL 60730-2-9 ?   I've designed the FMD88-10 into a vending machine where the PLC controls a cooking device.  The UL representative is telling us that the FMD88-10 MUST comply with one of the above Standards per UL Standard UL-197 (Standard for Commercial Cooking Appliances), or we can't use it.

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Re: FMD88-10 and UL 61131-2 and UL 60730-2-9
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2020, 12:32:12 PM »
The FMD88-10 is designed and built to comply to applicable sections in the IEC61131-2 standard. As per the IEC61131-2 standard, our PLCs are designed to safely operate within the specified operating temperature, voltage and current ranges and they are built to withstand momentarily over voltage, over current, reverse polarity and environmental contamination up to pollution degree 2 with no safety issues. Various tests are conducted during design and manufacturing to ensure the PLCs operate properly within their stated specifications. However, at the moment the FMD88-10 PLC is not yet externally certified as a UL-listed component. But that  would not prevent its use in most of the UL listed OEM equipment. We have many OEM users who have incorporated the FMD/Fx series PLC in their UL-listed or even FAA certified equipment. The actual technical requirement of the PLC would be dependent on the particular UL standard applicable to the industry in which the OEM equipment is built to operate. You can inquire with your UL rep for any specific technical requirement that the PLC must meet in order to satisfy the applicable UL standard and we would be able to advise you if the FMD88-10 is suitable for the application.
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