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Unwanted "features" in TL6
« on: May 14, 2018, 04:19:04 PM »
I've documented a couple of "features” in TL6 (V6.52, build 5) that are somewhat annoying.  I'm surprised that nobody has complained about them before.  The "features” exist in TL7, too.

Both of these "features" show up when printing hard copies of your Ladder Diagram, I/O Tables and Custom Function.

The first problem is that the date printed in the Header on each page is 1 month off.  The day and year are correct, but the  month (shown in the Header and printed) is the previous month.  The problem is NOT originating from the computer.  I’ve installed TL6 on 3 computers with the correct BIOS date and the problem is on all 3 copies of TL6.  If you have  a good monitor and good eye sight you can see the incorrect date in the Print Preview screen.  

The second had me thinking I was losing control of my documentation skills.  I tried typing an explanation but it got so wordy that I decided an example describes the problem best.  But, it’s still somewhat wordy......

First, let’s assume that you save your TL7 files using sequential filenames as you make significant changes to you code (ie Ladder_1.PC6, Ladder_2.PC6, Ladder_3.PC6, etc)  AND you save your files to a thumb drive, network drive or some location that forces TL6 to print the file path in the Header of each printed page.
So, you open Ladder_1.PC6 and make some edits.  Next, you save this modified file as Ladder_2.PC6. Now, you decide to print a copy of the project for your co-worker or customer.  You first print the Ladder Diagram and it comes out fine.  The Header says “Page 1  Z:\Ladder_2.PC6”.  Good, the Header matches the filename.  (Of course, the date is still  1 month off.  Aaargh.)

So you go ahead and print the I/O Table and Custom Functions.  But, to your chagrin, the filenames in the Header are WRONG!  The filename in the Header is from the previously opened file (Ladder_1.PC6).  And, the date is a month off.  Double Aargh!  This can really screw up your documentation.

I’ve created 3 small projects with sequential filenames (Ladder_1 thru Ladder_3) and attached them.  I inserted the filename of each project as comments in the Ladder Diagram and in ALL Special Functions.  I also named Relay 3 in each project with the corresponding filename.   I am able to print each project and verify that the data (Ladder diagram, I/O table and CF) that is printed is correct and only the filename in the Header is wrong.  The 3 projects are attached if you want to verify this.  Also, like the incorrect date, the incorrect filenames can be read by clicking on Print Preview.

Neal Cooper