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Making energy use smarter is one thing - doing so in an affordable yet full-featured way is another. Today, TRi  introduces ALEC, the “All-In-One Lighting Energy Controller” (, which is essentially a purpose-built PLC designed specifically to simplify the implementation of an Intelligent Lighting Control System. It is an embodiment of TRi’s  more than 20 years of PLC design and IIoT technology in a package that will change the way you think of Intelligent Lighting Control System.

Fully certified by UL/CSA for commercial and residential installation, an ALEC zone controller simplifies the design, installation and management of energy-efficient intelligent lighting controls, whether for a small office building or a multi-complex campus.

ALEC is the only lighting control system capable of meeting the most stringent building codes out of the box -- without requiring heavy customization, design time or labor, or specialized wiring systems. Whether you are in a jurisdiction that already requires the installation of intelligent lighting control systems in new buildings and buildings undergoing renovations (e.g. ASHRAE 90.1-2010, IEC2009/2012, California TITLE 24); or are seeking to increase your building's energy efficiency at minimal additional cost, ALEC is a simple, easy-to-install solution.

The modular ALEC system comprises three simple hardware components - a Zone Controller (ZC001), a standard push button wall plate, and Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway. This system can be scaled indefinitely to meet the needs of any-sized building or campus that you would like to place under ALEC's control. Each Zone Controller (ZC001) is a fully standalone control system that fits within a standard 4” round or octagonal shape electrical junction box and can:
•   Control up to 20 dimmable LED lighting fixtures within its zone
•   Sense motion (e.g. occupancy) within a 5 m (16 ft) range
•   Day Harvesting (aka Daylighting) Control - dim luminaire proportionally to daylight
•   Allow use of manual ON/OFF as well as dimming switches
•   Measure and report the AC voltage, current, and energy consumption of connected lighting loads
•   Store up to 20 years of daily energy consumption data (or 1 year of data measured at 15-minute intervals)
Up to 128 ALEC ZC001 units can be networked together with a single IoT Gateway to form an Internet-enabled lighting system, easily controlled from any connected computer, tablet, or smartphone via the ALEC Commander Pro software or the ALEC Mobile Config smartphone app.

For more details, please visit our new ALEC webpage at : or call 1-877-874-7527 – We will be glad to discuss your applications and potential partnership arrangement.

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