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Custom Libraries
« on: November 03, 2015, 03:09:37 PM »
It would be a really neat feature if you were able to allow users to make custom libraries for other people to implement in their applications.

I use the term libraries in reference to how the Arduino IDE sets up there code.  It is also used in many different areas of programming as well (jQuery, Prototype, ect)


I make an email library.  Another user who wants to use this library may download it into a library folder on their computer.  They can then slect to include this library through the iTrilogy interface.  Then they use use custom keywords such as "SendEmail,  "Sub: Hi", "Message: This is an email".  Etc.

The library would then take the information and send an email just like the PLC normally does but it would not clutter up a users code and keep everything simpler.

The Library would essentially just be an embedded or hidden function (Like your other TBASIC Keywords).  But it would keep the code and functions cleaner and easier.  It would encourage user generated data.

I am always having to go back to old programs and copy and paste long lines of code.  If I could make and use my own libraries it would be simpler, plus user would be motivated to share their libraries with others and create a list of simplified functions.

Sorry for the rambling.  Hopefully this makes sense what I am trying to say.