Author Topic: Suspension of New Member Self-Registration  (Read 3161 times)

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Suspension of New Member Self-Registration
« on: October 29, 2007, 12:02:36 AM »
Due to a spate of attacks by spambots which register themselves with random usernames and email addresses for the purpose of spamming this forum, we are temporarily suspending self-registration of new forum members.  However, existing member may continue to post messages uninterrupted.

If you wish to join as a new member please email to with the following details:

1) Desired username
2) Your name
3) Your company
4) Your email address
5) Are you a current user or TRi's PLC or peripheral products?

We will then set you up as a new member and you can then log in to update other details in your online profile.

We regret any inconvenience cause. The self-registration will resume after we have come up with an effective scheme to defeat these spambots.
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