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Technical support / Re: PWM 250V
« on: December 18, 2003, 12:48:45 PM »
As long as your PWM frequency is set to within the response speed of your solid state relay that should be possible way of driving your high voltage, high current PWM circuit.

Technical support / Re: Do you support OPC ?
« on: December 12, 2003, 08:32:48 AM »
We don't have our own OPC server for our hardware. But there are generic OPC server on the market that have been used successfully with our PLC. If you like more info, you can contact our Canadian distriutor DCI Technologies who is selling an OPC server that works with our PLC.


DCI Technologies Inc:   Tel: 1-403-720-4885
Contact: Ted Skinner

Technical support / Re: Modbus
« on: December 29, 2003, 12:22:09 PM »
The maximum compatible baud rate is 38,400 bps with most third party devices.

Communication overheads mainly has to do with the time it takes to exchange a MODBUS command/response messages.  Of course you should avoid reading from the slave more often than necessary. Running a clock pulse of 0.2s to periodically read some data from the slave should be OK.

Technical support / Re: Communications Cable
« on: December 29, 2003, 07:36:01 PM »
For long distance communication, we recommend using the RS485 for your programming. You'll need to purchase an Auto485 converter ($49) to convert your PC's RS232 port into RS485 signal and then connect twisted pair cable from the Auto485 output to the PLC's RS485 port.

Technical support / Re: Upload Password Protection
« on: January 03, 2004, 08:33:50 PM »
The password protection feature is no longer supported on the WinTRiLOGI 3.5 because WinTRiLOGI does not allow uploading of code from the PLC in any case.

In order to utilize the transfer password protection feature you will have to run the DOS TRiLOGI verison 3.3. The DOS TRiLOGI is available on your WinTRiLOGI CD-ROM and you can install it in your PC if your PC supports pure DOS mode. Note that DOS TRiLOGI cannot be used under Windows 2000, NT or XP.

Technical support / Re: Problems with 16 x 2 LCD panel
« on: January 05, 2004, 05:21:05 PM »
Unfortunately there isn't a negative voltage available on the MD888+ to power the constrast pin of your extended temperature version of LCD. This was not an issue with the standard LCD216 and LCD420 that we have been selling.  

One method that I can think of and you may like to try is to connect the 0V of the PLC power terminal via three series diode before returning to 0V of the power supply. In that case, the 0V of the power supply will appear to be at -2.1V with respect to the 0V of the PLC. You can therefore use the 0V of the power supply to connect to constrast pin to achieve your negative voltage.  Theoretically it should work but you do need to experiment with it just to be sure:

PLC                                                                                                                                        Power Supply

   0V --|>|----|>|-----|>|------- 0V

Technical support / Re: Problems with 16 x 2 LCD panel
« on: January 02, 2004, 05:12:43 PM »
The DMC16230 is not supplied by us. However, it should work with our LCD port without any issue if the wiring is done correctly. Please make sure that you did not mistakenly swap pin 1 with pin 2, pin 3 with pin 4 and so on (a common mistake). ?

Pin 1 : 0V
Pin 2 : +5V
pin 3 : constrast signal (via variable resistor to 0V)
pin 4 : control signal (TTL)
pin 5 : 0V
pin 6 : control signal (TTL)
pin 7 to 14: data bus (TTL)

Note that wrong connection of signal may damage the LCD or the driver IC on the PLC. If you have one of our LCD216 or LCD420 you can use it to verify if the PLC's LCD driver is still working properly. ?Using our supplied LCD216 and LCD420 is much easier since we supply the proper cable and such issue would not arise. ?However, if you need to connect your own LCD display bought from the open market then you do have to take the time to figure out the proper wiring. Good luck! ?;)

Technical support / Re: PLC stops triggering relays after 2 min.
« on: January 07, 2004, 11:05:18 AM »
An email has been sent advising you on the procedure of checking as well as return address if it is a faulty board. Please respond to the email.

Technical support / Re: Comparing counter values
« on: January 09, 2004, 06:03:29 AM »
This would be really easy on a M-series PLC. Unfortunately, the H-series ladder language does not support a counter compare function. However, if the counts are less than 32 then you could use the sequencer step to trigger action when two sequencers reaches the same step (i.e. same count). For larger count there is no available command.

LDHEX is only available on E10, not on the H-series.

Technical support / Re: MD-HMI LCD problems
« on: January 12, 2004, 08:37:03 AM »
The booster board boost the signal for the expansion port but not the LCD port. It was used mainly for interfacing the HMI to older generation of T100MD+ PLC and may not be helpful in this case.

You do need to tackle the origins of the noise source. It is likely to be caused by noise from inductive kicks. Try to add diodes or transorb to your output if you are driving inductive loads such as solenoid, contactor or motors. Also make sure that the LCD cable is not "bundled" with any 24V or 120V in the conduit as the 5V signal to the LCD can be affected by high current in such wires.

Technical support / Re: Sharing up/down keys
« on: January 12, 2004, 08:56:34 AM »
In our SetTimeCtr_SV example we use one key ("select" input) to select up to 6 parameters (3 timers and 3 counters) - you can do the same here. Just one set of up/down keys and 1 select button.

If you have the HMI, it seems to make more sense to me to use the keypad to enter your values instead of up/down key. In this case, just use a function key (say F1) as the select key to select different parameters (show the chosen parameter on the LCD), then use the numeric keypad to enter the data.

Technical support / Re: MD-HMI cursor blinking
« on: January 16, 2004, 11:27:26 AM »
Please refer to your PLC's Installation guide on using the SETLCD command to change the cursor shape (block or underscore), blinking or static or ON or OFF.

Technical support / Re: Scrolling Text on 4X20
« on: January 19, 2004, 08:49:28 PM »
You will have to define your menu structure in software. There isn't a command for scrolling the text since there isn't buffer to store text that are "off the screen". If you want to display more than 4 lines, then implement a "page up" and "page down" using the function key. Use a variable to keep track of the page number and then display the corresponding text to the page.

Note that since the string A$ to Z$ an also be represented by an array $$[1] to $$[26] you may be able to store some text in the string variable and selective display them using the index n to the array $$[n].

Technical support / Re: Modem Communication
« on: January 19, 2004, 08:52:29 PM »
You have to put your modem in "Auto Answer" mode so that when you PC dial your remote modem it will answer the phone and then connect itself to the modem. See the "Appendix 3: PLC to Modem Communication Setup" in your Internet TRiLOGI reference manual for more details.

Technical support / Re: PLC + GSM
« on: January 20, 2004, 06:12:21 AM »
The T100MD+ PLC is very flexible in what it can send or receive from its serial port and therefore the choice for connecting via a modem.  Although we have no experience with the particular brand of GSM modem you mentioned, there are customers who had successfully used the GSM modem with the PLCs.

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