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I was trying to read the NANO10 PLC DM[1]  data memory to cimplicty HMI using MODBUS/TCP protocol and RTU.

I defined protocol in cimplcity MBTCP0, created a device with device address 01,  and created a point with 41001 where I have setpoint value of type integer.

I created a GenerciPLC type and STAT_PLC type.  None of these methods worked.

I failed to read. What could be the problem?

Please advise for cimplicity HMI or iFIX or any other HMI with MODBUS/TCP or Modbus RTU.

Thank you

Technical support / PIDdef, PIDcompute support
« on: February 23, 2013, 02:27:00 AM »

I have tested on nano10 the following values on a 24V DC motor using a speed feedbacj series resister.
The series resitor measures  from 0 - 4095 (speed)
My PWM duty cycle control range must be from 500(5%) to 9500(95%) for frequency 15Hz.

what must be the PIDdef ?

what must be the PIDcompute command parameters?.

I need urgent help on PID configuration. please advise.


General Discussions / Industrial type high performance PLC
« on: January 20, 2013, 09:57:37 PM »
please advise an Industrial type high performance PLC with support 150 digital inputs and few AI.

Technical support / PID PWM
« on: January 20, 2013, 07:08:23 PM »
Could any one advise the programming steps to configure the first channel  3,4 output pins for the PWM from the putput od PID for the control of 100rpm 24VDC, 190mA motor?. Assume the setpoint is 50rpm.
Please also advise the connections and the voltage/current required for the outputs.

I have tried the SetPWM and PID sample programs. But it does not work. I may need to change the values of frequency.

please advise.

Thank you.

Technical support / Program development opportuniy
« on: January 17, 2013, 01:22:02 AM »
Could anyone share your expertise to write an example program to create PID motor speed control program for Nano 10?. The program need to use PWM output to control the speed in rpm. The encoder input will count one pluse for each rotation.

Then I need to interface with cimplicity for trending of PID loop.
The PID parameters and setpoint will be handled by Cimplicity.

please send to me

it would be great to share the expertise for future projects.

I purchased nano 10 from singapore sales office. My project is to develop a demo PC based PID motor application.  I can use any HMI, to communicate with nano10.

1. Can I connect a 24VDC motor directly to PWM. will there be any back emf. what should be typical motor specification that I can connect directly without a motor driver?

2.  My aim is to measure the speed of the motor and control its speed using a PID control on nano 10's PWM output. I intent to connect the power supply of the motor direct to the PWM output of nano10. I am not sure whether this will work. if it works, I need to write the nano10 program to mesure the pulses from the encoder as the motor turns and calculate the err= current speed count- setpoint and send corresponding PWM signal to the motor.

3. For the visualization, Once the motor is able to control at setpoint set on the HMI and plot a trend chart to analyse the PId performace, what protocol and products can be used?

Since the singapore side technical support is unable to provide a solution, please advise the steps.

Roy Thomas

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