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Title: How to scale an analog input data
Post by: support on February 15, 2004, 07:03:23 PM
The built-in analog ports on all the M-series PLC return data in the range of 0 to 4092 which corresponds to the full range of voltage input presented at the analog pin. However, very often a user needs a formula to translate this numeric data into units meaningful to the process (e.g. degree C or F, psi etc).  To do so, you need to know at least two reference points of how the native unit map to the PLC's ADC reading.

Reference Point              ADC Reading      
===========             ==========
      x1                                  a1
      x2                                  a2

Hence, for any reading A = ADC(1), the corresponding X is derived from:
  X - x1          A - a1
---------  =  -----------
 x2 - x1          a2 - a1

==>  X = (x2 - x1)*(A - a1)/(a2 - a1) + x1

Note that since x1,x2,a1, and a2 are all constants the actual formula is much simpler then it appears above.

E.g. Temperature measurement

    Temp            ADC(n)
        30               200
      100              3000

So for any ADC readings A, the temperature is:

   X = 70*(A - 200)/2800 + 30

Note: To get better resolution , you can represent 30 degree as 300 and 100 degree as 1000 so if X = 123 it means 12.3 degree.
[Edit 2014/7]: If you are using Fx PLC or the SmartTILE-Fx then you can use floating point operation directly without having to use integer to emulate the decimal point. So the formula could be:

X# = 70.0*(A-200.0)/2800.0 + 30.0

Title: Re:How to scale an analog input data
Post by: Fernandz on March 12, 2004, 08:56:15 PM
I just posted in "Technical" about a sensor that has a 32 to 200 Deg. F range. This is what I know about scaling I hope it helps.
 We know that our ADC is 0-5volts and will send a count of 0 to 4092
So a 5 volt signal will be counted as 4092, and 0 volts will be a count of 0. Lets say our sensor outputs a signal thats proportional to temp. say .010v per'F and at 32 DegF we have an output of .32 volts.......... (.32 / .010v)=32'F and 200'F is an output, from the sensor, as 2 volts.......(2/.010v)=200'F

     0      .32v               2v                               5v  ' ADC volts
               |                   |
     0      261              1637                            4092 ' Converter count
            [-- Our Sensor--]

In order to get the Converter count of 261 and 1637 I use the formula

So count=4092/5*.32

Once you have your converter counts then use the above formulas to read temps. EG.  temp=168*(ADC(n)-261)/1376+32

This is how I do it, keep in mind I'm no engineer and self taught.

Title: Re:How to scale an analog input data
Post by: DAlgie on July 25, 2004, 09:23:30 PM
I have a nice Excel program for doing just this, scaling an analog input. I'll send it to anyone who wants it.
Title: Re:How to scale an analog input data
Post by: Ruaidhri on June 20, 2014, 08:42:14 AM
could you send me a copy of this im starting to struggle with these adc's
thanks in advance