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Title: what is the best way
Post by: FELINAR DUMITRU on August 29, 2003, 08:49:24 PM
I  learned to programme in SUCOSOFT5.0 from
MOELLER up to a level but,when I have searched to
see what  languages of programming for real-time
programmig are asked for a job, I found  as requirements C,JAVA,assembly languages,ladder diagram and other languages .I have
four very important questions :
1.What programming languages  are asked  more  for
real-time programming C,JAVA ,assembly languages, graphical programming languages as ladder diagram,FBD  ?
2.What type of PLC and his languages must be learned
because there are a lot of firms  with their own PLCs and
3.Which is the way recommended to be followed to comply with the requirements of the market?
4.What types of languages do you think that will be more asked in the future,textual programming languages or graphical programming languages,for real-time programming?
I  thanking you in anticipation for your answers if you want and can to clarify me.