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Title: Software Release: i-TRiLOGI 6.51 & 7.11
Post by: Forum Admin on February 01, 2016, 10:57:03 PM
We recommend everyone who is using the Ethernet on the Nano-10, FMD or Fx Super PLCs to upgrade to the latest version of i-TRiLOGI version 6.51 & 7.11 due to an important change that can significantly improve Ethernet communication performance, by eliminating packet collision issues that lead to packet losses and poorer communication throughput.

The main changes take place in the LAN speed selection on the “Ethernet & ADC Configuration” screen. In the previous i-TRiLOGI versions the software wrongly define the the Ethernet interface as Full Duplex and the resulting incompatibility with auto-negotiated Ethernet switches causes a duplexity mismatch between the PLC and the Ethernet switch which can lead to frequent collisions and loss packets. Although communication is possible due to robustness of TCP/IP the Ethernet interface is performing at less than its ideal capacity..

With the newly released i-TRiLOGI version 6.51 and 7.11, the Ethernet port will be correctly set half duplex, which we find to work extremely well with auto-negotiated Ethernet switches and that can vastly improve the Ethernet port performance.  

One you have installed the new i-TRiLOGI, all you need to do is to open the “Ethernet & ADC Configuration” screen and then click on the “Retrieve parameters from PLC” button to retrieve previous Ethernet settings. Then immediately click on the “Save Parameters to PLC” button and all the settings with be written back to the PLC and the Ethernet port will be set to 10 or 100Mbps Half duplex, which is the correct settings. This simple procedure is all you need to do to see immediate improvement in the Ethernet port performance.

The new software also allows the Ethernet port to be set to “auto-negotiation” for PLC firmware that supports this setting (>= r84G or F91.2, See Firmware Upgrading (;action=display;threadid=2220&start=0#msg7929) ). This is the only mode where a 100Mbps Full duplex communication can be established between the PLC and an Ethernet switch.

Note: These changes are also carried to the latest CO5 Uploader version 2.2 (;action=display;threadid=2220&start=0#msg7930). (CO5 Uploader is a free software that TRi provides to its OEM customers to allow re-programming the PLC without giving end users the .PC6 or .PC7 source files).
Title: Super PLC Firmware Upgrading
Post by: support on February 01, 2016, 11:04:30 PM
Users who have Nano-10 or FMD PLCs with firmware version >= r83 , or any Fx  PLCs will be able to upgrade their PLC firmware to the latest version via the serial port.  The following is an example of the firmware upgrade screen:


Please write to with your purchase record (invoice from TRi or its distributor) to obtain the firmware download instructions.

Title: CO5 Uploader Software
Post by: support on February 01, 2016, 11:08:29 PM
If you are an OEM or a system integrator, you may sometime need to upgrade the software in your equipment that is controlled by TRi PLCs.  However, to protect your IP (intellectual property) you may not want to give your end users the iTRiLOGI program source files (.PC6 or .PC7).  


Enter the CO5 Uploader  (see image above). With this CO5 Uploader software it is very simple to update your users' PLC program. When a new version of your Ladder+BASIC program is ready for deployment, you can simply select “File -> Write Compiled Code To Disk” and a file containing compiled code with “.CO5” extension can be saved to your computer. You can then email this .CO5 file to your end users and provide them with a free CO5 Uploader setup file in order to transfer the compiled code to the PLC.  Compiled code can be transferred via either the Ethernet interface or via the serial port (using the included TLServer Lite).

CO5 Uploader also provides many of the same features found on your i-TRiLOGI software, such as “Ethernet & ADC Configuration” and “Set RTC”, etc. It is therefore a very useful free tool that TRi provides to support OEM application needs.

To obtain the CO5 Uploader, please email to with your purchase records (invoice from TRi or its authorized distributor).