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Title: Customer's Testimonial
Post by: support on April 18, 2012, 12:06:35 AM
Mr Kai Niekammer has kindly asked us to post the following testimonial:

My name is Kai Niekammer from and i am a german programmer. I would like to send you a testimonial, because I like your hardware.

I am using the T100MD-1616 in private for a long time and many projects, and never regret this purchasing, because it is quite easy to program and the results are awesome. On the university in Berlin, we are programming microcontrollers with assembler. That is a really interesting field of informatics.

In my freetime i am a tutor for some students, were we use the T100MD-1616 board for many different tasks and it is worth every cent. All Students are amazed of it and like to work with it. Additionally, the support is one of the best if someone has a problem (what rarely happens ;-) ), i have ever got to know.

 We will soon start a project, were we want to use this board on an pioneer, that should navigate trough a labyrinth with artifical intelligence technics. I will report, when its done .


Kai Niekammer from
Title: Re:Customer's Testimonial
Post by: support on April 29, 2014, 08:37:58 AM
Our Customer Mr David Groff of Demands Controls ( has permitted us to post his comments as follow:

"I have been using the Nano and F-Series PLCs for over three years, and I have enjoyed working with them.  For their size and price they are extremely powerful in their capabilities.  As an integrator, I am constantly looking for companies and products that are reliable.  TRi-PLC has been just that.  Their customer service is better than most I have seen.  I can always expect a detailed and quick response to my questions.  Thanks guys for all your support and great products."